I still get so many compliments on the amazing brochure you did for us…. and of course on the pic you did of me that I have hanging in my office! – Ariella

Dear Day, Just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful art work that I got from you….. I picked The Dolphin Cat and two others that came in less then a week….omg they are beautiful already framed up and on my wall…was to excited not to put them up really fast…..will take pictures soon and post lots of my own stuff on my wall…..Thanks again and shortley I will have u do my own cats and remember I love love bears as well….You are amazing I have been going to art shows forever and recentley attended las olas your work by fair was better then anyone there hands down….xoxoxoxo love Jill

All of your work is just fantastic. It all started with the magazine cover you did for Michael’s Bar Mitzvah and we have never been disappointed in anything you do for us. You are amazing. We ♥ Days Dreams! – Risa

How do you describe artwork that is whimsical and lyrical and has the essence of charm in its midst? You don’t describe it…you just know its from the creativitity of DaysDreams! I have several pieces that I treasure …and each glance brings a smile to my heart. Thank you Day. – Kim

If five stars is the best-I have to give you SIX stars.Your work is phenominal,You are so talented that anyone who is lucky enough to have been given as a gift(or bought) your work,should be so honored.Talented,artistic,brilliantly produced-what can one say other than WOW..thank you again Day – Janice

Day is amazing. There is no way to describe the magic that she brings to every piece that she works on! She takes the ordinary and makes it EXTRAordinary! Each time I received a piece Day worked on, all I could do was stare in amazement. It is truly a gift! – Tobi

Day’s work is just lovely, and very unique and special. The piece that Day made for me is something that could never be duplicated, and will always be treasured. Thank you, Day! 🙂 – Amy

Remarkable eye for detail, outstanding customer service, Day is my online shopping dream come true! As an artist and friend, she is always available and willing to work with the customer, making sure that our satisfaction is her number one priority! Thank you for creating such wonderful keepsakes and memorials for us all. Personalized, timely and precious, you are so talented! Thank you! ♥ – Christina

Day is an incredibly talented and gifted artist. I have ordered, won, commissioned numerous pieces of work from her, and each one has been beyond beautiful. The first piece of work I received from Day was a contest I won in which she created a Dark Shadows Tribute picture for me. It was absolutely incredible – Susan

Superior art from a superior person. Her love and talent shine through every part of her works. Day has a special gift to create amazing pieces that are far beyond the client’s expectations. She is also a wonderful person who gives her very best, each and every time. – Verna

Love this wonderful artists works & feel very blessed to have her as a fellow member of our SEHA Halloween artists group! – Dawn

I have 5 Pictures Day has done for me of my Beautiful English Bulldog Babies! I had Day create another for me that was a memorial for a friend who had lost their pet, #7 she just did for my In-Laws Christmas Present – I’m not stopping there – have plans for others too! Every picture conveys Love as if Day were painting her own pet – each is Unique & Incredibly special! The examples she posts don’t do her enough justice, you really need to see them in person to fully appreciate~ You’re the Best Day! I’m glad I found you! I Love YOU! – Dina

My friend Dina ♥ gave me a memorial pic of my dog Sammy that Day did. It was absolutely FABULOUS! Day is also working on another memorial pic of Sam & his buddy Harley & I’m also gonna have her do one of just Harley for me. I’ve not seen work quiet like hers & she definitely makes each picture unique & special. Thank you Dina for introducing me to Day & her work & thank you Day for all of the time, effort, skill, caring & love that you put into each picture. – Jewell

As an artist, she puts her heart into everything that she creates and knocks it out of the ballpark every time. As a woman, she is kind-hearted and her moral compass is guided by great integrity. Day and her cherished art will make your heart smile. 🙂 – Wendy