First I need you to email me the photo(s) you’d like worked on.

If you are having a collage done that consists of several photos that are not scanned, there is a small fee for scanning.
Please email me for my physical address to send the photos to: they will be returned to you when you receive your finished

Photos that are less than 200 dpi (dots per inch) must be checked for clarity. I like to think if you can see the eyes
clearly on a photo, then the resolution is good enough for my purposes. Once your photo(s) are approved you pay for
whatever service you like…and we begin.

I always send proofs (digital art work in the process that you approve) via email. This gives me the opportunity to get
further direction or input from you before the final is printed &/or painted and shipped.

Once you give it the ok, it is shipped off…simple…as…pie 🙂


Before and After

Before and After